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YouTrack 6 — A Bird’s Eye View of Your Projects

Introducing the live Dashboard with all the information you need to drive your development process, plus 17 brand new reports to help you analyze and monitor your team tasks and progress.

Live Dashboard

Stay on top of your project and team activities with the brand new live Dashboard. Add various widgets to your Dashboard, such as reports, top issues and quick notes, and drag them around to organize everything just the way you want!


Tons of New Reports

Track, manage and analyze your projects and team activities more effectively with 17 new reports. The reports come in four different types: Issue Distribution, Timeline Reports, Time Management, and State Transition. Each type of report provides a unique slice of your projects, tasks and issues data. Share your reports with your team or the whole company. Clone any report to tweak it or create a similar one.

More New Features

AND in Search Queries

You can now use the AND operator to search for several values within a single field or attribute. You can also use parentheses in search queries to combine multiple search expressions. For example, search for multiple tags: tag today and tag test

Multiple Drafts

Create and manage as many drafts as you want! Your list of drafts is available from the New Issue form. Simply select the one that you want to report this time. You can also edit several drafts simultaneously.

Customizable Shortcuts

Now you can customize the list of YouTrack shortcuts both for the Issues List and Agile Board. This can be vital if your system shortcuts conflict with those used in YouTrack. Shortcut customization is available on the server level.

New Image Editor

We’ve replaced the old screenshot applet with a built-in Image Editor. Take a screenshot, upload it into the Image Editor and tweak it on the spot: crop, add highlights, add text, or blur any areas that you don’t want others to see.

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