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Windows Key

Windows Key

Locked out of Windows? Windows Key instantly resets your passwords - with no technical knowledge required. Windows Key creates a CD or USB Flash Drive that takes over from the boot process, then resets passwords and security settings that may prevent you from logging in. Windows Key is the easy windows password reset solution.

Main features

  • 100% free trial
  • 100% recovery rate
  • Works with all versions of Windows
  • Resets local Admin password
  • Resets Windows Live ID password (Windows Key Professional edition or higher)New!
  • Resets Domain Admin password (Windows Key Enterprise edition only)
  • Resets secure boot options
  • Resets local policy settings
  • Fully supports RAID/SCSI/SATA drives
  • Fast
  • Easy to use


  • Windows Setup CD or ISO image is required to make a Windows Key password reset CD or USB drive. If you do not have a Windows Setup CD, you can requesta Windows Key ISO download.


  • Windows 2000 and earlier versions are not supported.
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