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What’s new in WebStorm 9

WebStorm 9 brings a compelling range of new features. With the support for the most trending and powerful frameworks and libraries, new integrated tools and new features and improvements basically in every part of the IDE, WebStorm 9 is a superior update.

Frameworks and libraries

Meteor support

WebStorm 9 is great for building web apps with Meteor! First-class Meteor support features coding assistance for Meteor APIs, special debug configuration for server-side Meteor code, and the new Meteor project generator. Read more »

React and JSX

WebStorm 9 brings coding assistance for React which includes syntax highlighting, code completion and error detection for JSX and JavaScript expressions in JSX. For React components, try navigation to the definition and the Rename refactoring.

Integration with PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic

WebStorm now facilitates your workflow with mobile apps developed with PhoneGap, Apache Cordova and Ionic frameworks. You can create, emulate and deploy apps right from the IDE and have direct access to the Cordova plugin registry.

Polymer support

Enjoy the cutting edge of web development with Polymer — now supported in WebStorm. The IDE understands custom elements imports, Polymer’s styling features (like the Shadow DOM polyfills) and layout attributes.


Gulp integration

The integration with the Gulp build system now allows you to easily browse through the list of tasks defined in the project gulpfile.js, and run or debug any of them simply by double-clicking the task name.

spy-js for Node.js and ES6 support

spy-js allows you to trace and profile your Node.js applications. Start a new spy-js for Node.js Run configuration to see the list of all captured events and explore event stack and trace files. spy-js now supports EcmaScript 6 features including generators, yield and other. Read more »

spy-js powered code completion and Magnifier

spy-js now enhances the code completion suggestions with the runtime information collected. This way completion really reflects the reality of the executed JavaScript code!

Also, with spy-js Magnifier you can evaluate any expression from any context of the opened file. Just hover the mouse over it while a spy-js session is running.

Automatic update for Node.js apps

With the updated Live Edit feature, WebStorm can seamlessly update your Node.js application on changes via hotswap or automatic server restart. Just make sure you’ve started a Node.js debug session for that. Read more »

ESLint and JSCS

WebStorm adds support for ESLint, a new JavaScript linting utility, as well as JSCS, a code style checker for JavaScript. Both tools identify and highlight issues in your code on the fly, right in the editor, and provide easy ways to suppress inspections for statements if needed.


EditorСonfig helps developers define and share code style configuration between different IDEs and editors. WebStorm brings built-in support for EditorConfig, so that now code style settings from EditorConfig files are applied automatically to your project.

Dart's pub serve

For Dart projects, WebStorm adds seamless integration with pub serve. Now when you open your Dart app in the browser from the IDE or start a debug session, WebStorm will automatically run pub serve command first.

Language support

CSS3 enhancements

WebStorm now supports the latest CSS3 specifications. Now you’ll get advanced coding assistance for CSS3 properties and values including autocompletion and lots of new on-the-fly inspections.

IDE improvements

Inline variables view

See variable values next to their usages with Inline variables view, a new debugging feature that integrates the Variables view right in the editor.

Postfix code completion

Postfix completion lets you transform an already typed expression in JavaScript or TypeScript to another one based on the postfix you add.
Read more »

Scratch files

WebStorm 9 brings a completely new feature called Scratch Files. Scratch Files help you experiment and prototype right in the editor — without creating any new project files — and still enjoy top-level coding assistance.


  • WebStorm now indexes only top level modules in node_modules folder, leading to faster project startup
  • Web Starter Kit is now available as a new project template
  • Redesigned Settings (Preferences) dialog is now clearer and more structured
  • WebStorm adds up-to-date support for the latest versions of Stylus and Sass

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