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SuperWiper™ Desktop Multi Channel Eraser

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SuperWiper™ Desktop Multi Channel Eraser

The SuperWiper™ is an industrial and extremely fast 8 SAS HDD Erase/Format unit. The unit performs at a very high speed, in a very secure Linux environment, and with the most efficient user-friendly application. The unit has a durable build with a desktop style, featuring an 8 channel open tray for easy hard drive insertion, 8 SATA/SATA-3 ports, 6 USB3.0 ports. The SuperWiper™'s erase application supports both hard disk drive multichannel erase operations as well as independent channel erase operations. The SuperWiper™'s application supports DoD erase specs(7 writes passes and one verification pass), Security Erase protocols, or user defined erase settings. The user can also perform a quick format with the choice of many different kinds of file systems including, NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, HFS+, and EX4. The SuperWiper™ application is very unique in that it gives the user a max throughput of erased devices. (Erase simultaneously 8 1TB WD Blue Hard Disk Drives at average speed of 8.2GB/min). The application is NIST 800-88 compliance (when used DoD or Security Erase operations)
Summery of the main features:
• SuperWiper™ application runs under Linux OS, which is more secured OS than Windows.(Less targeted malware)
• SuperWiper™ unit does not have network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections.
• SuperWiper™ application runs very efficiently due to a low OS overhead, that can be observed by running 8 SATA-3 hard disk drives in parallel.
• SuperWiper™ application is simple and easy to use; all designed with a touchscreen icons and in few clicks, the user can be set and up and running.
• SuperWiper™ application uses all the 8 CPU cores in a very efficient way.
• SuperWiper™ application supports Security Erase, which is very important for SSD drive's erase.
• SuperWiper™ unit has 6 USB3.0 ports.
• SuperWiper™ has a built in 8 bay open tray drive caddy, and user can plug any SAS/SATA 2.5” and 3.5” drives without the need for extra cost of special caddies.
• SuperWiper™ application use continues mode of operation, in which each port is independent of other ports. The user can plug a HDD in one port and start erase, when the erase is completed, plug another HDD and start another erase operation.
• SuperWiper™ application can formats HDD with: NTFS, ex-FAT, FAT32, HFS+(Mac), EXT4(Linux) and (MBR, GPT, and
• SuperWiper™ application generate detailed log file and erase certification (pdf) by NIST 800-88 recommendation for each hard drive that been successfully erased.
• SuperWiper™ unit has a affordable expansion options via express port or expansion port to supports SCSI drives, 1394 devices, PCIE memory.
* It is strongly recommended to use Security Erase, if drive supporting it, to erase drive. It is the safest and fastest way to erase drives!
A quote from one of our customer:
"I love your product. I am working on a 4,000 unit drive project and using your product and 2 14 bay "Kanguru drive duplicators with DoD data wipe capabilities. The project requires a DoD wipe and drive re-image. The MediaClone device is far superior. Kanguru units take 4 times longer and are not close to the MediaClone SuperWiper build quality"

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