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What’s New in RubyMine 7?

This major RubyMine update polishes all parts of the IDE and adds new features and enhancements to help you write and maintain your code better than ever. Honed to perfection, so your Ruby skills stay razor-sharp.

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Chef Integration

Chef Integration

RubyMine 7 comes with a new plugin that integrates Chef to help you build, deploy and manage your infrastructure. Following the main concepts of Chef the plugin introduces cookbooks, recipes and resources in the IDE. It provides marking/detection options for a cookbook and code insight for a resource and its attributes. Read more »

Puppet Support

Puppet Support

Puppet language support was improved significantly, with a plugin designed to analyze Puppet manifest files. Puppet plugin now provides reliable navigation around both user manifests and the ones installed from Puppet Forge. It also enables code completion, refactorings, find usages, code inspections, quick documentation, and other features based on project structure and the Puppet modules installed. Read more »



EditorConfig helps developers define and share code style configuration between different IDEs and editors. RubyMine 7 brings built-in support for EditorConfig, so that now code style settings from EditorConfig files are applied automatically to your project.

Inline Variable View

Inline Variables View debugger

The Inline Variables View is a new debugging feature that integrates the Variables view right in the Editor, by showing variable values next to their usages.

Debugger Console

Debugger Console debugger

For those who prefer the console for evaluating and executing while debugging, RubyMine now provides the ability to run the console in the context of a debugging session.

YARD Annotation

Better Code Annotations

Thanks to your feedback, RubyMine 7 provides smart autocompletion in more situations. YARD attributes and RDoc methods are now recognized by the IDE as method attributes, and are properly suggested in code completion and navigation.

RVM as a Remote SDK

RVM as a Remote SDK

Managing the development environment on virtual machines and remote hosts may take a lot of time and effort. Starting with version 5, RubyMine has allowed you to add and set up a remote SDK. Now this feature is also available for RVM-managed Ruby interpreters.

There are also improvements for vagrant- and deployment-based remote SDK.

Emmet Preview

Emmet Preview web

Emmet can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. To make snippets more easy to use, RubyMine now provides a preview action that can be enabled in Settings|Editor|Emmet.

CSS3 Enhancements

CSS3 Enhancements web

RubyMine 7 supports the latest CSS3 specifications. Now you'll get advanced coding assistance for CSS3 properties and values including code completion and lots of new on-the-fly inspections.

Slim Formatter

Slim Formatter web

Slim strives to maintain simplicity and make your templates easy to read and write. To help increase readability of Slim code, RubyMine now supports formatting action for this template language.

Postfix Code Completion

Postfix Code Completion web

Postfix completion lets you transform an already typed expression in JavaScript or TypeScript to another one based on the postfix you add. Read more »

PhoneGap Integration

PhoneGap/Cordova/Ionic mobile

RubyMine now facilitates your workflow with mobile apps developed with PhoneGap, Apache Cordova and Ionic frameworks. You can create, emulate and deploy apps right from the IDE and have direct access to the Cordova plugin registry. Read more »

Scratch Files

Scratch Files

Experiment and prototype right in the editor — without creating any new project files! This is possible with RubyMine 7's new feature called Scratch Files. Of course, you can still enjoy top-level coding assistance as you code in Scratch Files. Read more »

Log Viewer

Log Viewer version control

The Log viewer for Git and Mercurial has been improved with faster loading and a new Reset Current Branch to Here action. Read more »

New Push Dialog

Mercurial / Git version control

RubyMine 7 extends the existing Mercurial integration with support for Synchronous Branch Control and Subrepositories. Read more »

The update also comes with a brand new Push dialog for Git and Mercurial. Read more »

Database Tools

Database Tools

The built-in set of tools for SQL developers have been improved in many ways:

  • The Transposed Mode, Zooming and Image Detection in the Table Editor and Results View
  • The improved Documentation view
  • The Auto Increment option in the Create New… dialog
  • The Navigate to a Table/Procedure action
  • The Integrated Windows Authentication support for SQL Server

Smart Backspace Indent

Smart Backspace Indent editor

This new Editor option makes the backspace key behavior way smarter. Now it doesn't just remove indents and white spaces, but does so according to your code style settings. Read more »

Detecting Code Styles

Detecting Code Styles editor

This new option lets RubyMine detect certain Code Style settings (such as Use Tab Character and Indent Size) in the currently edited file on the fly. Read more »


  • The Settings and Project Structure dialogs are now clearer and more structured
  • Up-to-date support for the latest versions of Stylus and Sass
  • RubyMine's runner is now compatible with Cucumber 2.0.0

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