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What’s New in PyCharm 4

PyCharm 4: more of everything you love about Python

We’ve added more new features, more enhancements in existing functionality, more ways to enjoy coding... in short, more of everything you love about Python and PyCharm.

Scientific Computing Goodies

IPython Notebook Support

Now with PyCharm 4 you can perform all the usual IPython Notebook actions with *.ipynb files. Everything you’re used to doing with the ordinary IPython Notebook is now supported inside PyCharm.

NumPy Array Viewer

Use NumPy array viewer to easily get a graphical view of a NumPy array and its parts using slicing, formatting and coloring tools. It is available from PyCharm’s debugger and the integrated Python console. Additionally we improved code insight for the NumPy package and added support for matplotlib in the integrated Python console.

Debugger Improvements

Attach to Process

The PyCharm debugger has grown more powerful. We’ve merged our debugger code with that from the original PyDev repository, which means a lot of improvements to the united debugger. We’ve also added a brand-new attach to process feature so you can now connect the debugger with any running Python process and debug in the attached mode.

Referring Objects

When debugging your project, you can open the referring objects view for a desired object during runtime. In the debug mode, right-click the object in the "Variables" window and select "Show Referring Objects."

Jinja2 debugger pro only

Now PyCharm’s debugger works with Jinja2 templates. You can set breakpoints right in the editor, stop on them and perform other debugging actions the same way you already do in the Django templates debugging mode.

Python Tools

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) pro only

Take full control over your textual requirements and graphical representation of test results, and enjoy extensive and intelligent assistance at each step of the overall BDD process. behave and lettuce, two of the most popular Python tools for BDD, are supported. More details »

Improved Python/Django Console Tool Window

PyCharm automatically detects which type of console should be run based on your project type and context. The console can be launched via the tools window menu or simply by pressing Ctrl+E (⌘E for Mac OS).

Leave the Console Open

Now you can leave the console open after a project run or a debug session, saving its context. To enable this functionality, you just need to select the "Show command line afterwards" option in the project run/debug configurations.

Method Call Hierarchy

Thanks to its fantastic static code analysis capabilities, PyCharm intelligently analyzes your code and builds call hierarchy trees for method calls in different scopes.

Better package management

An improved package management subsystem now recognizes unmet package requirements with better accuracy. It also shows progress on package installation and a Choose Packages to Install dialog. When errors are encountered, PyCharm now offers better reports with suggested solutions.

Support for Unittest Subtests

Python 3.4 support is even more polished with the PyCharm`s test runner now recognizing the subTest() context manager for unittest.

In case you missed it, PyCharm has become much more education-friendly!

Recently we launched PyCharm Educational Edition, a free & open source edition of PyCharm IDE for students that learn programming and their teachers. Get your free PyCharm Educational Edition today.

IDE Improvements

New Project Creation Wizard

The project creation wizard has changed a bit and now has 2 steps: On the first step you have to choose the project type. On the second step PyCharm shows you only relevant settings for a selected project type.

Smart Backspace Indent

The new Editor option Smart Backspace Indent makes the backspace key behavior way more convenient: now it doesn't just remove indents and white spaces, but does so according to your code style settings.

Detecting Code Styles

This new option lets PyCharm detect certain Code Style settings, such as Use Tab character and Indent size, in the currently edited file, on-the-fly.

Multiple Selections

Multiple selections introduced in the previous release have been enhanced, with smarter code completion and copy/paste behavior, a default shortcut, and more.

User Interface

The Settings (Preferences) and Project Structure dialogs have been redesigned to become cleaner and more straightforward.

Database Tools pro only

The built-in set of tools for SQL developers have been improved in many ways:

  • Transposed Mode, Zooming and Image Detection in the Table Editor, and Results View
  • Improved Documentation view
  • Auto Increment option in the Create New...dialog
  • Navigate to a Table/Procedure
  • Integrated Windows Authentication support for SQL Server


  • JSON support now bundled with PyCharm 4
  • Integration with the Gulp build system
  • Automatic update for Node.js apps
  • CSS3 enhancements
  • Improved code insight for Django 1.7

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