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Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise

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Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise

Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise is a cost efficient solution for big organizations with multiple local or remote workstations.

    Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise has all Analyst features. It includes Applications, Passwords, Deleted data recovery, Timeline, Aggregated Contacts, Social Graph, Links and Stats, Search and other features.

    One server with one USB dongle manages all connections. There is no need to have USB dongles on all computers. All workstations use one USB dongle plugged-in to the server.

    No more expenses for occasionally used software. Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise counts only workstations that use Oxygen Forensic® Suite at the moment and not every PC where it is installed.

    Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise allows both local and Internet connections. You are not limited to use Oxygen Forensic® Suite in a lab. Connect remote experts via Internet if needed.

    Manage your multi-user license easily. It is much easier to update license in one dongle on the server than on every workstation that uses Oxygen Forensic® Suite.

    You can choose how many concurrent connections you need. Oxygen Forensic® Suite Enterprise is distributed as follows: 5, 10, 20 and 50 concurrent connections.   

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