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NIKSUN® NetDetectorLive™ Alpine is a network forensics appliance that
is uniquely capable of super fast forensics search, session reconstruction,
and real-time detection of security violations.
Based on NIKSUN’s next generation Alpine technology, it monitors all data
flowing across the IP network and uses deep packet inspection techniques
to accurately recognize, classify and analyze all applications, sessions and
content traversing the network. Metadata is created in real-time on all
content including email, IM, FTP, HTTP; and is made immediately available
for fast search and investigation. This metadata can even be stored in
the NIKSUN Network Knowledge Warehouse (NKW) for long periods of
time. NetDetectorLive Alpine searches through terabytes of data to return
results in a fraction of the time that retrospective forensic analysis tools
take, which makes it indispensable for rapid forensic investigation and risk
mitigation. It alerts on suspicious traffic based on metadata content, for
immediate notifications on policy violations, data exfiltration, malware
and cyber attacks.

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