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Nessus Manager

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Nessus Manager

Alleviating Headaches One Scan at a Time.

Nessus Agents, available with Nessus Manager, alleviate headaches associated with traditional network scanning, like getting credentials, while making it easy to scan a wider array of assets, including ones that are offline.

Why Use Nessus Agents?

Most organizations will use a mix of agent-based and agent-less scanning in their Nessus environment. Nessus Agents will be attractive in a number of scenarios, including:

Transient Devices

Scanning of laptops or other transient devices that are not always connected to the local network.

Scan Without Credentials

Assets that you want or need to scan without credentials.

Scan Quickly

Assets that you want or need to scan very quickly, for example if you want to immediately scan all your assets for a significant vulnerability like ShellShock.

Nessus Agents Details

  • Support 32 and 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2008 and 2012, and Windows 7 and 8
  • The performance overhead of agents is minimal, and because agents rely on local host resources, they can potentially reduce your overall network scanning overhead
  • Eliminate the need to manage credentials for vulnerability scanning
  • Can be deployed using most software management systems
  • Auto-update once deployed, so maintenance is minimal
  • Designed to be highly secure, including leveraging encryption to protect your data

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