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MacForensicsLab Web Agent

MacForensicsLab Web Agent is a tri-platform website crawler designed to hunt child pornography, with a built-in skin tone analyzer to quickly and efficiently identify images of evidentiary value to a forensic investigator.

MacForensicsLab Web Agent is Mac OS X compatible.MacForensicsLab Web Agent is Microsoft Windows compatible.MacForensicsLab Web Agent is Linux compatible.

MacForensicsLab Web Agent downloads and performs automated analysis of images from suspect websites, allowing the investigator to find relevant evidence faster. MacForensicsLab Web Agent allows the investigator to extract digital evidence in minutes. It uses pixel-based image analysis technology to identify suspect images based on skin tone values. MFL-WA offers investigators immediate access to data and allows them the ability to prioritize findings. MFL-WA accommodates all user levels, not just forensic professionals; it's powerful yet user-friendly. MFL-WA helps investigators locate the presence of picture files that may contain contraband on a website. Once the software has located images of interest, the investigator can then review the results, output a report containing information about images of interest, and make the decision as to which files warrant further investigation or support the allegation(s) of child pornography.

Screenshot of MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0


Web Agent allows the investigator to view a variety of graphic formats during a search and protects valuable digital evidence. This program enables investigators to identify, isolate, and store images from a suspect website. Child pornography can be zeroed in on quickly and easily. It enables them to collect data necessary to obtain search warrants or to detain subjects pending a more comprehensive analysis. Images of interest can quickly be exported or output to a report containing a thumbnail, image information including hashing and location. Another powerful tool in the fight against crimes against children.

Skin color detection provides a gallery view sorted by skin tone content to greatly accelerate a search for traces of child pornography. It makes scanning for illicit image fast and easy. Skin tone analysis can cut the number of image files an investigator must view from tens of thousands to just a few. Furthermore, MFL-WA has a quick and easy reporting feature allowing investigator’s to display their findings in a universal format. Reports include thumbnails of images of interest, path to the image location, hashing with MD5, SHA1 and SHA256, and more in a customizable HTML format that can be modified to meet every investigator's or department's needs. MacForensicsLab Web Agent cuts time spent on a case and increases the likelihood of a timely capture and conviction.

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