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MacForensicsLab Field Agent

MacForensicsLab Field Agent is a tri-platform tool designed specifically to help combat Crimes Against Children. It offers investigators a powerful yet easy to use tool with a skin tone analyzer that makes finding images of child pornography fast and easy.

The ability to quickly and effectively identify files of interest based on the percentage of skin tone contained therein makes MFL-FA an invaluable tool for law enforcement. In fact, MFL-FA was specifically designed to fill the technological gap that sexual predators have exploited for years; the lack of a fast and accurate way to identify images of evidentiary value amidst the seemingly insurmountable volume of data. Therefore, MFL-FA is perfectly suited for any Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, probation and customs officers and/or any officers dealing with sexual predators. MFL-FA is the answer for all those seeking to gain the advantage over sexual predators who use technology in furtherance of their criminal acts.

MacForensicsLab Field Agent is Mac OS X compatible.MacForensicsLab Field Agent is Microsoft Windows compatible.MacForensicsLab Field Agent is Linux compatible.

Designed for non-technical personnel, Field Agent can be run in three easy steps; there is no rebooting, troubleshooting or complex interfaces. Utilizing the computer's USB port, it can run natively on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux to search suspect drives and devices. By quickly providing images relevant to an investigator's interests (typically under 2 minutes), MacForensicsLab Field Agent is an invaluable tool to all law enforcement. Field Agent has the ability to export files of interest or generate an HTML report with thumbnails, path and date information of any or all files.

Typical deployment of MFL-FA is less than two minutes per machine, making it an invaluable tool for locating data of interest and increasing officer safety. Further, MFL-FA has the ability to export files of interest or generate an HTML report with thumbnails, path and date information of any or all files.

Why use MacForensicsLab Field Agent?

With ever increasing volumes of digital image and video data, the use MacForensicsLab Field Agent saves time searching for data relevant to your investigation. Timely acquisition of potential evidence can mean the difference between a conviction and a criminal walking free. MFL-FA allows advanced image searching in computer forensic investigations. Comparatively, the common use of hash sets serves to identify exact matches of images and videos but does a poor job of identifying unknown images, wherein the preponderance of potential evidence exists. MFL-FA analyzes the visual features in the image to assess its actual visual content. This means the investigator finds more vital data and decreases the likelihood that they miss critical evidence. MFL-FA's advanced skin tone technology enables investigators to quickly zero in on illicit images.

The volume of images uncovered on a suspect’s computer during a forensic investigation can take hours or even days to review. Currently, there are two means to of reviewing images; manual and hash analysis. The default install of a typical computer contains more that 10,000 images. The manual review of the default images alone can take days to complete. The method of running hash sets of known images against a computer is only effective for exact hash matches and can take vital time to complete. Displaying images containing higher contents of skin tone allows you to review those images first, where you are most likely to find files of interest, maintaining the investigative momentum.

How does MacForensicsLab Field Agent work?

MacForensicsLab Field Agent is a one of a kind field and lab tool that performs automated analysis of drive images, network drives, stand alone live computers, DVD’s, CD’s, and other removable media, allowing the investigator to find relevant evidence faster. MFL-FA allows the investigator to extract digital evidence in minutes, not days or weeks. It uses pixel-based image analysis technology to identify suspect images based on skin tone values. MFL-FA offers investigators immediate access to data and allows them the ability to prioritize findings. MFL-FA accommodates all user levels, not just forensic professionals; it's powerful yet user-friendly. MFL-FA helps investigators locate the presence of picture files that may contain contraband on a computer. Once the software has located images of interest, the investigator can then review the results and make the decision as to which files warrant further investigation or support the allegation(s) of child pornography.

MFL-FA allows the investigator to view a variety of graphic formats during a search and protects valuable digital evidence. This program enables investigators to identify, isolate, and store images from a suspect's computer on a thumb drive. It enables them to collect data necessary to obtain search warrants or to detain subjects pending a more comprehensive analysis. Images of interest can quickly be exported out to a flash drive or generated into a report containing information about the picture.

Skin color detection provides a gallery view sorted by skin tone content to greatly accelerate a search for traces of child pornography. It makes scanning for illicit image fast and easy. Skin tone analysis can cut the number of image files an investigator must view from tens of thousands to just a few. Furthermore, MFL-FA has a quick and easy reporting feature allowing investigator’s to display their findings in a universal format. In summary, MFL-FA cuts time spent on a case and increases the likelihood of a timely conviction.

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