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Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Crimes against children - including child pornography - are a scourge and a growing international problem. Terrorism as well. In law enforcement there are difficult problems related to large volumes of offensive media material.

  • How can law enforcement scan the huge volumes of data and visual content in each investigation?
  • How can we automate the identification of abusive material? How can we avoid subjecting agents to the psychological stress of viewing thousands upon thousands of disturbing images and videos?
  • Once abusive material is identified, how can your organization determine quickly which materials are already known to law enforcement worldwide and which materials are new?
  • How can your organization do effective searching and matching of visual content both within cases and across cases?
  • How can your organization do effective victim identification?

Our solutions

In 2014 Videntifier began making its core visual fingerprinting (signature extraction) technology available to law enforcement (and related NGOs) at no charge. We understand that LE organizations simply cannot afford to pay for expensive software solutions for each agent. So, instead, Videntifier takes a multi-pronged approach with law enforcement customers:

  1. Videntifier is working with organizations like INTERPOL and NCMEC (the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to integrate our visual fingerprinting and database technologies with those organizations’ own online solutions.  So, as LE organizations worldwide adopt the use of centralized databases to identify abusive content - and the children victimized by that content - those organizations will implicitly begin to take advantage of Videntifier’s world-class technology.  Click here to learn more about the work we are doing with organizations like Interpol and NCMEC.

  2. Videntifier is working with other forensic vendors to embed our visual fingerprinting technology directly in their tools. We recognize that LE practitioners can only afford to purchase, learn and use a small set of solutions. So, instead of forcing practitioners to use Videntifier-specific tools we instead are building our technology into the workflow of existing tools.

  3. For those (typically larger) LE organizations that need and want to host their own databases of visual signatures in-house, Videntifier makes various of its components available for paid licensing.  These components include Videntifier’s VDB XL, VDB L database solutions, Videntifier’s User Interface VUI web browser widget library,  and Videntifier’s Videntify application programming interface (API).  Of course, Videntifier also works with LE organizations to ensure the successful integration of these components into each organization’s own technology infrastructure.

The takeaway

Videntifier began as a vendor to law enforcement and the needs of law enforcement have continued to shape everything Videntifier does with its technology. Videntifier today is the vendor of choice for visual fingerprinting and visual/signature database solutions at INTERPOL and NCMEC and we are committed to providing ongoing support to law enforcement as part of our company’s commitment to the greater social good.

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