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Kinesense LE

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Kinesense LE

Kinesense LE gives investigators advanced video analytics technology in an easy to use application to accelerate investigations, reduce human effort and assure evidential integrity at every stage in the investigation.

Forensic video analysis for investigators

Kinesense LE enables investigators to analyze video evidence 20 times faster than before. It is ideal for retrieving and searching footage from 3rd party analogue and digital CCTV systems and for analysing video evidence from overt and covert surveillance operations.

Video Retrieval

  • Retrieve from analogue or digital CCTV systems
  • Quickly make evidential-grade copies of analogue or digital footage
  • Convert proprietary incompatible video formats into viewable and searchable formats.

Search and Analysis

  • Fast accurate search within video scenes
  • Search for people, vehicles, colour, direction of movement, and area of scene
  • Search results are colour-coded and displayed on video timeline for rapid review

Evidence Preparation

  • Magnify, blur or highlight specific areas in scene
  • Quickly create comprehensive evidential-grade documents and video clips
  • Complete audit trail of all actions on system, with assured integrity against tampering

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