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INNUENDO – An Advanced Penetration Testing tool for modeling Advanced Attackers


INNUENDO raises the bar for the state of the art in persistence and data exfiltration solutions. Based on a flexible, modular architecture, INNUENDO offers nation-grade advanced attack capabilities to commercial penetration testing teams.

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  • INNUENDO breaks from the current penetration testing model by using a message passing protocol that is completely decoupled from any transport layer. This allows for a wide range of communication channels which are easily integrated into your INNUENDO solution. Examples include: HTTPS, DNS, ICMP, PDF, Social Media, and steganographic injection into popular image hosting services.
  • Persistence can be maintained via any one of many ways, determined at deploy time. That means no static indications of compromise! Persistence methods are modular and updatable throughout the life of the deployment. INNUENDO functionality can be written, deployed and updated in Python without ever touching disk and is encrypted and signed for a specific INNUENDO instance on deployment.
  • Each deployed INNUENDO has a unique SHA1 hash which prevents one-stop binary fingerprinting.

INNUENDO can be deployed entirely from memory via e.g. a CANVAS exploit, a post-exploitation CANVAS module, or from another INNUENDO instance. INNUENDO can run as an injected DLL or as its own process.

INNUENDO instances employ strong encryption for C&C messages, which renders the communications opaque to listeners and frustrates post-event forensics.

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