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File Investigator Profiler Portable

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File Investigator Profiler Portable

We've created a tool that leverages our File Investigator technology to discover and present profiles for entire hard drives worth of data. You're able to take a step back and quantify exactly what types of data you are dealing with and how big the pertinent data is. While collecting these statistics, Data Profiler Portable can be instructed to take action on specific triggering events. This product is designed to be run from a USB Thumb Drive or CD ROM. This product is forensically sound, as it does write to the Windows Registry and the drives being analyzed are not written to.

Step 1: Enter the chain of custody details to be kept with the search results. (optional, for legal searches)
Step 2: Select the Actions to be triggered on specific file types, categories, etc.. (optional, by default only statistics are collected)
Step 3: Start the Analysis, and watch the results in a realtime chart.


  • • Add the file to the Statistics Chart
  • • Add the file to the File Details List
  • • Log a Result
  • • Display the Trigger event
  • • Copy the file
  • • Delete the file
  • • Wipe the file
  • • Stop Analysis

The underlying technology powering this product may also be added to your own product(s), with the File Investigator OEM API Kit.


  • • All Files
  • • A specific Path
  • • Filename filter
  • • Extension filter
  • • Size filter
  • • A specific FI Description #
  • • File Extension Validity
  • • A certain Platform (OS)
  • • A certain Storage type (Binary, Text, ...)
  • • A certain Content type (Email, Financial, User Data, ...)

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