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File Investigator OEM API Kit

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File Investigator OEM API Kit

We provide separate File Investigator OEM Partner Kits (FIKITs) for MS Windows, UNIX, Linux & Mac OS X. New versions, with additional file formats, are released quarterly. The FIKIT manual can be viewed or downloaded and includes the FIKIT licensing details. If the FIKITs fit your needs, then you can license them by purchasing the distribution/server packages that you need.

Contact our Sales Department by clicking try now below to request a trial version for testing in your own environment.

Try Before You Buy:

You will want to try the File Investigator OEM Partner Kit in your own environment before you make the purchase.  Feel free to download the User Manual, then contact us for a Trial Registration Key to install the FIKIT and try it out in your own environment.  If licensing by the server, then you will want to clock how fast the OEM API identifies the types of files that you will be processing.  This performance measurement, in your own server environment, will provide you with the most accurate bench test for your uses.


The licenses are sold per server or per a quantity of users.  The server licenses are for each real or virtual server.  The user licenses are limited to a specified number of users and are to be used on individual user machines and/or distributed with your product.  Add up the number of Servers, Individual Users and Software Developers that you need to support, then contact our sales department for a quote.  Once we provide you with a trial registration key, you can begin your testing.  An Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2.40 GHz can process about 86 files per second, while an Intel Core 2 CPU, 1.60 GHz can process about 60 files per second.  These are un-cached (disk loaded) measurements.  We have processed up to 366 files per second on the 2.40 GHz Core 2 Duo when analyzing pre-cached files or files in memory (as byte arrays).  This rate represents the throughput when the hard drive access time is eliminated. 

Maintenance / Support Agreements:

Maintenance and Support is purchased separately from the licenses, and is renewed annually. Keeping your Maintenance Agreement current guarantees the same level of support from us that your company needs to support your own products and users.  The annual Maintenance Agreement renewal price is typically 20% of the current license price.  You can purchase multiple years of support in advance, in order to protect yourself from any future price increases.

The Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • • New File Formats (or file types) added in each quarterly release
  • • Updated File Format support to fix any compatibility issues found between quarterly releases
  • • Trouble Report Response within 48 hours of receiving customer notification
  • • Bug Fixes within 2 weeks of being reported (when we are provided enough details to reproduce them)

Each quarter gets a new update version with a new registration key.  The Maintenance Agreement includes a year long key that works for 4 quarterly updates/versions.  Maintenance Agreement keys are received after ownership of the FIKIT is verified (by email address, company name or personal name; within 48 hours.) 

Version format: 3.00.00 (version.release.update)

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