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Excel Key

Excel Key

Key Benefits:

  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Excel. Updated!
  • Recovers any type of password.
  • Instantly removes passwords with Online Decryption attack (for Excel up to version 2003).
  • Instantly recovers or resets passwords to modify workbook and worksheet protection, write reservation etc.
  • Free updates for 1 year.


Many businesses have found themselves in the position of having to unlock an Excel file without knowing the password.

The person who set the password may have left the company or may be unreachable, the password information may have been mislaid, or by far the most likely, the password has simply been forgotten.

Excel Key is a fast and easy to use solution to recover a lost excel password. It is completely non-technical and can recover most password types - irrespective of complexity.


  • Instantly decrypt Excel files up to version 2003 with Decryptum attack. Decryptum credits are required. More...
  • Recover Excel 97-2013 open passwords using advanced password recovery attacks.
  • Instantly recover or reset all other password types: modify, write reservation, workbook and worksheet protection, range protection passwords.
  • Makes use of nine built-in dictionaries for multilingual passwords.
  • Password modification supported, including case changes, reversed words, etc.
  • Wizard included for easy setup of password recovery attacks.
  • Combines attack types for passwords like "solid789password".
  • All recovered passwords are saved and reused for other files.
  • Software automatically saves search state, and can resume password search after a stop or a crash.

Excel Versions Supported:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 passwords to open (advanced brute-force recovery).
  • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 passwords to open (advanced brute-force recovery; instant online decryption).
  • Microsoft Excel 97-2013 passwords to modify (instant reset).
  • Microsoft Excel 95, 7.0, 5.0, 4.0 (instant recovery).
  • Pocket Excel (PXL).


  • Excel 2007-2013 uses an industrial-strength AES encryption algorithm that makes password search speed slow. An average PC will see around 400-800 passwords per second.
  • Excel Key does not work with documents created with restricted permission using the "Information Rights Service for Microsoft Office".
  • Excel Key does not recover passwords for VBA projects. Use Passware Kit Standard to recover passwords both for Excel files and VBA projects.

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