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Eldos Callback File System® (CBFS®)

Callback File System (CBFS) lets you create virtual file systems and disks that let you expose and manage remote data as if they were files on the local disk.

Callback File System is an SDK (software development kit, component for use in software development) for Windows® platform.


Callback File System architecture

Present any data as virtual files and folders

Create virtual device that emulates physical storage. Present any data to end-user or applications as files and folders of a local virtual disk. The data may be of any type, such as database records, email messages, etc., located in one place or distributed over several storages including cloud storages. Callback File System (CBFS) provides all functionalities expected from a full-fledged file system.

Hide real data location from an end-user

Callback Files System (CBFS) gives you access to any data stored locally or at a remote location as if they are files on a local disk. The real location of data can be hidden from an end-user or application. With Callback File System you can create and apply a permission schema specifying what application or users can access, view or modify your data.

Do not replicate - modify remote data on-the-fly

Modify data being read from or written to the virtual file system. Such modifications are completely transparent for authorized end-users or applications. Both read and write operations are carried out on-the-fly transparently and efficiently.

Apply NTFS security to non-file data

Expose Callback File System (CBFS) virtual disk to the user by assigning it a drive letter or keep it hidden. Be in complete control over what applications or users may access data. Support all NTFS security functions for files and directories stored within Callback File System.

Port FUSE-based applications

Quickly port Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS X applications based on FUSE file system to Windows platform.

Rely on supported and growing solutions

Unlike unsupported amateur and hobbyist code Callback File System product is a solution which is actively maintained, developed and supported by highly-skilled professionals with extensive experience in low-level and system programming.

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