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CallbackRegistry lets you monitor and control Windows Registry access, track key operations and alter the data.

CallbackRegistry is a component for use in software development for Windows® platform.


Implement continuous data protection (CDP)

You can now control access to registry on system level.

Secure individual registry keys and regulate access to them

Protect registry keys and their values. Optionally redirect requests to other keys or encrypt the stored data.

Audit application access to system registry

Control any actions of Windows applications. You can intercept any registry call, analyze it content, log it, modify, permit its execution or cancel it altogether.

Create virtual registry keys

CallbackRegistry lets you create virtual registry keys which are populated with application-provided data or redirected to/from other keys. Such keys are recognized by Windows and applications as real registry keys, but in fact they don't exist in registry when your application is not active.

Audit filesystem operations

If you need to filter requests to the filesystem, see our CallbackFilter product.

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