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CallbackFilter lets you monitor and control disk activity, track file and directory operations (create, read, write, rename etc.), alter file data, encrypt files and much more...

CallbackFilter is a component for use in software development for Windows® platform.


CallbackFilter - filesystem filter SDK for Windows - architecture

Implement continuous data protection (CDP)

You can now control access to files on file system level. CallbackFilter allows encryption and decryption of files on-the-fly. You may assign specific permission schemas of data access to authorized users or applications. All file system calls can be analyzed and treated before passing them to underlying file system.

Secure individual files and regulate access to them

Secure individual files by encrypting and decrypting them on-the-fly. You can control which applications may read the decrypted files and when (eg. after the user has entered the password). And you can apply strong industry-standard encryption algorithms offered by SecureBlackbox.

Audit application access to files

Control any actions of file-accessing applications. You can intercept any file system call, analyze it content, log it, modify, permit its execution or cancel it altogether. This control may be based on any file parameters, such as its location, type, size, etc.

Proactively intercept and modify file access requests

With CallbackFilter you can be proactive and implement rule-based request interception. An intercepted request can be analyzed, its parameters modified or logged - all this before file system executes it.

Create virtual files and directories

CallbackFilter 3 lets you create virtual files and directories on existing disks. Such files and directories are recognized by Windows and applications as real files, but in fact they don't exist on the underlying disk.

Replace ineffective FileSystemWatcher class

With CallbackFilter you will not miss a single filesystem event and will get all event details. And you can even modify or prevent the filesystem operation if needed. See how CallbackFilter bypasses limitations of FileSystemWatcher class.

Audit registry operations

If you need to filter requests to Windows registry, see our CallbackRegistry product.

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