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CODE300-32P Version

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CODE300-32P Version

  • Package includes
  • Code300-32P Software on CD ROM
  • Perseus Microtelecom support and control
  • HF database
  • Security key USB
  • Serial output via RS232
  • Bit stream Output in MIL modes
  • Editing of all code tables
  • Two channel audio input by LAN
  • 12 months free software update ,24 months warranty on hard- and software

    Adds unique functions to a decoder !

    We have integrated the complete SDR software part into our well known data analyzer decoder CODE300-32. That means CODE300-32 P controls the receiver, has its own databases,own demodulators etc. Tuning, scanning, memories, everything is done by CODE300-32 P. In fact we are handling a SDR like a normal sound device, only the sampling speed is different. Our own receiver GUI will not replace the original supplied GUI, but makes handling especially on data transmissions much easier.

    We have integrated one of the most common SDR's, the Microtelecom Perseus SDR HF Receiver Of course the decoder analyzer can be used in normal way without SDR, with signal input by audio device (also all Virtual Devices), LAN or direct wav input for on- and offline analysis. All functions are available by remote control of course.

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