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Belkasoft Evidence Center Portable

Belkasoft Evidence Center Portable

Discover evidence in the field with Belkasoft Evidence Center Portable! The portable edition of Belkasoft forensic suite offers all the same features as Belkasoft Evidence Center 2015, but has a few key differences.

  • Plug-and-play
    The Portable edition can be used right away, on any Windows PC.
  • No installation required
    Runs from a flash drive, does not need installation or disk storage.
  • No administrative rights required
    Runs under any Windows account including restricted and user accounts.
  • Launches from a thumb drive
    Carry a pocketable flash drive, plug into any desktop or laptop PC, and it’ll run in an instant.
  • Case Management component not available.
  • You cannot mount images, such as EnCase or DD, using Portable version, without manually installing ImDisk drivers. If you wish to do so, please use third-party mounting tools or install ImDisk from
  • Limited distribution
    The Portable edition is only available to the military, intelligence, law enforcement and police customers
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