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Aspose.Tasks for .NET

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Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a project management component that enables .NET applications to not only read and manipulate Microsoft Project® documents but also write Microsoft Project® documents in both MPP and XML formats - all without using Microsoft Project®.

Aspose.Tasks’s powerful API exposes project data to offer complete project planning, definition and tracking capabilities. It allows users to define a project’s main as well as default properties and calendar information. It can also specify weekdays and exceptions for a project’s calendar.

Aspose.Tasks’ API exposes a project’s data such as tasks, resources, resource assignments and extended attributes data so that developers can manipulate them. Users can completely plan the project by creating and reading tasks and resources, and assign or remove resources to or from tasks. Users can manipulate task constraints, priorities, critical and effort driven tasks, stop or resume a task and split tasks, manage extended attributes, links tasks and write updated task data back to the project. Aspose.Tasks can also calculate a project’s critical path and scheduling. It also allows developers to manage task baselines and actual work, access assignment costs and budget, and manage resource costs and variances for project tracking. These are just a few capabilities from a long list of features the API supports. 

Aspose.Tasks also makes it possible to render Microsoft Project documents to a number of output formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, XML, XAML, HTML, BMP, XPS, TIFF and SVG. The API also allows to export project data to CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX and MPT formats.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a mature product that offers stability and flexibility. As with all Aspose file format components, Aspose.Tasks for .NET works well with both WinForms and Web Form applications.

At a Glance

An overview of Aspose.Tasks project reading/writing, rendering and reporting capabilities.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET - At a glance diagram
Platform Independence

Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports the .NET framework 2.0 to 4.0 including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET etc.) as well as Mono.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET - Platform Independence diagram
Supported File Formats

Aspose.Tasks for .NET supports reading writing project files in MPP and XML formats. In addition, it supports reading Microsoft Project Template (MPT) files as well. It also allows to export project data to HTML, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, XPS, XAML and SVG formats. It also allows to export project data to Primavera P6 XER and XML formats.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET - Supported file formats diagram
Project Management Cycle

Aspose.Tasks facilitates in project definition, planning and tracking by exposing large number of properties related to project data.

Aspose.Tasks for .NET - Project management cycle diagram
common uses

Following are the common uses of Aspose.Tasks for .NET:

customer types

We have clients of many different types, including:

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