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ApexSQL Trigger

ApexSQL Trigger

Trigger based SQL audit trails

Seamlessly integrate trigger based audit trails and reporting into your client applications

 Track data changes in SQL Server

 Capture and store all data changes into a centralized database

 Integrate royalty free auditing into end user applications

 Translate raw audit data into information with watches and lookups

Data changes auditing

Audit SQL Server data changes to determine when and how the data was changed


Identify users who made the change by SQL login, host, and application name

Information drill-down

Isolate specific operations by user, date, object, change type, and more

Schema changes

Be alerted to schema changes in tables and update the triggers accordingly

Customizable templates

Configure and customize trigger templates with an IDE

Analysis and repoting

Create end-user reports to document the changes in your environments

Comprehensive auditing

Transform raw auditing data (value) into understandable information (literals) with watches and lookups

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