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ApexSQL Monitor

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ApexSQL Monitor

 Monitor multiple SQL Server instances

 View system performance metrics

 Identify performance issues and deadlocks

 Use comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics

Monitor SQL Server performance

Monitor important SQL Server instance metrics of local and remote SQL Server instances

Monitor system performance

Track operating system metrics and fix performance bottlenecks

SQL monitoring of database performance

Track database files size, growth rates, number of transactions per second and plan your hardware capacities

Query waits and query performance

Detect SQL queries that use the most resources and review the statistical data for the slowest queries. Review and analyze query waits history

Real-time monitoring using charts

Monitor metric changes continuously in real-time, get the charts quick and easy and have complete picture of your server's health and behavior

Configurable monitoring

Easily enable and disable SQL Server instances. Configure and monitor the most important existing or custom metrics. Organize SQL Server instances that share similar properties into groups for easier configuration


Be notified when a metric reaches its predefined threshold value with 24/7 notifications. Create metric baselines and set alerting to comply the calculated baseline threshold values. Define alert actions to execute a SQL script or a shell command when alert is raised

Comprehensive dashboard

View alerts for all or for individual SQL Servers on an easy-to-read dashboard. Analyze server wait statistics and easily identify problematic time periods and metrics

Maintenance period

Avoid a large number of alerts during the regular or unpredicted maintenance of SQL Server by scheduling the maintenance periods

Data purging

Purge repository data older than the specified period manually or enable automatic data purging

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