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ApexSQL Log

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ApexSQL Log

ead the SQL transaction log

A SQL transaction log reader for forensic auditing
and rollback of malicious or inadvertent changes

  •   Audit data, schema, and permission changes on SQL Server databases
  •   Gain deep, meaningful access into your SQL Server transaction logs
  •   Rollback database changes and recover missing or damaged data

  •   Forensically mine transactions to determine who, changed what, and when

When to use ApexSQL Log

This knowledge base article covers the various scenarios when you might benefit from reading the SQL Server transaction log with ApexSQL Log including auditing changes on a database schema or data, troubleshooting security issues, recovering data that was inadvertently updated or deleted, and more Read more

Disaster recovery

View deleted and damaged data. Reverse inadvertent or malicious database changes. Replay all transactions on a different database

Grid view

View transactions in custom high performance grid with advanced instant filtering options and operate with more than 100 million operations at once

Security change tracking

Track permissions changes and trigger states

Point-in-time rollback

Recover from a specific data loss/damage without relying on full database restores

Transaction isolation

Isolate specific SQL Server transactions by user, date, object, change type, and more

Audit trail

View the complete history of individual row changes over time


Group and sort transaction information to shape the view of transaction activity


Schedule unattended database audits via the CLI


Locate transactions by utilizing advanced grid search algorithms – regular expressions, transaction details and row history search

View BLOB fields

View BLOB fields (varbinary(MAX), varchar(MAX), nvarchar(MAX)…) in human-comprehensible form

Forensic auditing

Read the SQL Server transaction log to determine who changed what and when the change occurred, even before the product was installed

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