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digital mobile device data extraction

on the frontline

portable, evidentially-sound data extraction from mobile digital devices, sim and media cards

an easy-to-use, fully-guided acquisition process, suitable for users of all levels of technical ability

the most comprehensive and evidentially-proven reporting of data acquired from mobile devices

rapid acquisition process suitable for high pressure conditions

unrivalled and ongoing compatibility testing for gsm, cdma and gps mobile devices

Mobile phones and digital devices are extensively used for accessing, storing and sharing information. The number of handsets in circulation and the amount of stored data continues to grow rapidly which means such devices are increasingly used in all levels of criminal activity.

Gather mobile data evidence at the crime scene

Aceso Field empowers police officers with the ability to examine and interrogate digital mobile devices, quickly and accurately, from a convenient, lightweight, handheld terminal.

Evidence and intelligence in the palm of your hand

Aceso Field enables police officers to instantly capture large volumes of evidentially-sound data from mobile phones and digital devices and provides valuable evidence for use in the eventual prosecution of defendants.

Act while the chain of evidence is live

The value of intelligence and evidential data deteriorates rapidly once a phone has been seized. When immediacy of information is paramount to the success of an operation, Aceso Field enables officers to act on evidence acquired from a device, immediately.

Identify additional lines of enquiry

Using recovered call registers, photographs, videos, SMS, email and even social networking data retrieved by Aceso Field, officers can obtain information that would otherwise be unavailable. This data can lead to additional cause for arrest and the identification of associates and other people of interest.


  • Fully portable, light and robust.
  • Weight: 1.1kg. Fan-less, dust and water resistant (MILSTD-810F) and IP65 certified 6 foot drop rating.
  • Secure key card log in.
  • Safely block network access using our patented Handset Access Card.
  • High levels of security and integrity.
  • SIM-less handset acquisition.
  • Simple to use touch-screen technology.
  • 7” sunlight readable touch-screen to allow easy, clear viewing.
  • Complete, detailed acquisition audit trail with all data AES encrypted.
  • Batteries support up to 8 hours’ continuous use and are hot swappable.
  • Data capture from devices such as GPS and flash media.
  • Metadata access.
  • Accesses critical details, including time and date, geotagging and make and model of device used.
  • Complete set of cables and peripherals.

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